Natural Hair Oil

The What, Why and How of Natural Hair Oil.

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Published: 2022-09-09T00:00:00.000Z

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At Embodiment Shop, we, like many people, wanted hair oil made from natural ingredients. In this article, we'll briefly explain what that means and how it is beneficial.

What are natural hair oils?

Natural hair oils are oils found throughout nature in their chemically original form. These include oils that form sebum, a waxy substance which human-beings and other mammals naturally produce to lubricate their skin. This oily barrier acts as a protection from friction, dryness and microbes. Other natural oils we use on our skin can come from plants, minerals and even other animals.

Why use natural hair oil?

In 2016 concerning food, "The FDA has considered the term "natural" to mean that nothing artificial or synthetic…has been included".

Human beings have been living for thousands of years off of nature's food. For the last few decades, we can see that it's healthier to eat foods closer to their original form. On the other hand, it's detrimental to consume too much processed foods. By extension, it would be reasonable to assume that our skin and hair would benefit from ingredients found closer to their natural state.

Plant oils, are they really beneficial?

Many hair care tips and tutorials include the use of plant oils for good reason. They're not just a natural source of oil when minimally processed, but they also include vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E and vitamin A which is known to boost immunity.

How long can you keep natural oils?


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